À gauche de l'image, les petits Mos devant l'école. À droite, Madame Mo vous envoie la main.

Reading and writing skills in French and English, from Kindergarten to Third Grade.

Madam Word helps children learn to read and spell.

✅ Fundamental requisites for language
✅ Phonemic awareness and processing
✅ Working and visual memory
✅ Fusion and syllabic segmentation

Madame Mo tient des livres
les petits mo qui envoient la main

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What's Madam Word about, anyway?

Testimonials of our dedication to quality

Une maman qui regarde une tablette avec ses deux filles.
A mother looking at a tablet with her two daughters.
"At last! I no longer feel guilty about leaving the tablet with the kids after school. And I see their progress in reading and writing. Thank you Madam Word!"

-Josie, mother of two
Une enseignante et deux jeunes enfants regardent une tablette.
A teacher and two young children looking at a tablet.
"With its intuitive interface and endearing characters, Madam Word brings together the pedagogical elements that contribute to the development of phonological awareness in apprentice readers".

-Max LaFlamme, journalist
Un monsieur souriant et une jeune enfant regardent une tablette. 
A smiling man and a young lady looking at a tablet.
"I use Madam Word almost every day for my work in a private speech therapy clinic."

-Francis Tremblay, SLP