Learning games, reading + spelling

Madam Word helps preschool and elementary school children learn to read and write.

Develops the fundamental prerequisites of language
Awakens phonological awareness
Improves lexical memory

At school, in the speech therapy clinic or at home, Madam Word makes learning effective and enjoyable.


A great tool for the classroom that works on interactive white boards, computers and tablets!


An additional asset for the success of your interventions, at the clinic as well as in schools.


Madam Word is like having a private speech therapist in your home at all times!

What's Madam Word about, exactly?

Madam Word caters to the need of all children ages 5 to 9, whether gifted, on track or in difficulty.

For all children

Madam Word understands that the ability to learn varies from child to child. The game's activities have been designed with this in mind, so that everyone can improve, regardless of their level.

Preschool, elementary

Madam Word is designed to enhance children's ability to learn. Students will discover intellectually stimulating games that will take them to the next level of their journey.

A bilingual app

Learning a second language promotes cognitive development. Change the language of the game to French and challenge kids to complete Madame Mo!

Download the app and try it for free!

Then, subscribe directly on our site to use Madam Word on all your devices*.

*If you subscribe from the application, you will only be able to use it on that platform.

Try Madam Word in WebGL!

This technology makes interactive 3D contents available on the web.

Madam Word is a versatile pedagogical tool.

In class

Madam Words keeps your students focused so you can spend more time with those who need it most. In addition, the class tracking module gives you the ability to monitor everyone's progress in real time.

In the clinic

With activities related to phonemic segmentation, syllabic fusion or correspondences between phonemes and graphemes, you will work efficiently on both phonological and orthographic processes.

At home

Madam Word makes it fun for your children to learn to read and write in both French and English. Her activities will keep your children focused on their learning, while you are free to do your parenting tasks. It helps!

We are devoted to bringing you a quality product.

Une maman qui regarde une tablette avec ses deux filles.
A mother looking at a tablet with her two daughters.
"At last! I no longer feel guilty about leaving the tablet with the kids after school. And I see their progress in reading and writing. Thank you Madam Word!"

-Josie, mother of two
Une enseignante et deux jeunes enfants regardent une tablette.
A teacher and two young children looking at a tablet.
"With its intuitive interface and endearing characters, Madam Word brings together the pedagogical elements that contribute to the development of phonological awareness in apprentice readers".

-Max LaFlamme, journalist
Un monsieur souriant et une jeune enfant regardent une tablette. 
A smiling man and a young lady looking at a tablet.
"I use Madam Word almost every day for my work in a private speech therapy clinic."

-Francis Tremblay, SLP