Les petits dieux vous accueillent devant l'Olympe.

Spelling skills in French and English for children

Overcome the challenges of spelling and become a word divinity!

✅ Develop and perfect lexical spelling
✅ Over 800 words and 40 spelling rules
✅ An English and French bilingual app
✅ Create your own lists of words!

Les 5 niveaux de Mots sans maux, représentés sur la montagne Olympe.
Cerbère, le chien des enfers, garde farouchement son écuelle.

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Words Without Worries is based on 4 proven teaching methos.

🥇 Error-free teaching
🥈 By spelling regularities
🥉 Learning by repeated exposure
🏅 Teaching by learning/testing

Zeus assis sur son trône.
Trois petits dieux devant une coupe dorée.

5 exciting challenges that make learning to spell fun

💎The hidden words of Poseidon
💎The labyrinth of Demeter
💎The Sudoword of Hades
💎The flying leaves of Artemis
💎The fireballs of Zeus

The Words Without Worries app saved my night last night. My son was freaking out because he had to review all of his 3rd grade words. I downloaded the app and he worked on his words without worries! He loves it. I thought the fireball game was a little intense for him, but he now knows all his words! I also really like the handout for parents and teachers. Thank you for letting me know about this educational game that is so well done.

- Stephen Goodwin, dad of 2 boys aged 8 and 12