Who is Madam Word?

Madam Word is a game that helps children learn to read and write in a fun way.

Madam Word offers 7 interactive activities that develop the fundamental prerequisites for learning to read and write.

Madam Word awakens phonological awareness and develops lexical memory in preschool and primary school children.

Madam Word is designed to improve learning to read and write.

For teachers and school councilors

A great tool for your classroom

...which works on your digital board!

Improve your teaching plan with Madam Word’s educational games designed to help your students acquire the basic phonological and lexical skills.

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For speech therapists and education specialists

An asset for all cases

Created by Brigitte Stanké, PhD, SLP

Madam Word is based on the latest scientific research on phonemic awareness and is designed to improve outcomes for children with or without learning difficulties.

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For parents and families

A precious help at home

We know how study time can feel like!

Inject more fun into study time with Madam Word. The educational games will improve your children’s ability to learn to read and write while keeping them engaged.

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Discover Madam Word!

Watch our video introduction to learn more about Madam Word’s features and benefits for you and your students.

Madam Word is useful in all circumstances.

Preschool and elementary

Madam Word is designed for children’s evolving capacity for learning. Students will find find challenging and engaging game-lessons tailored to their needs, helping them get to the next level of their learning journey.

All learning abilities

Madam Word understands that phonological awareness is less developed in some children. Madam Word’s game-lessons were designed with this consideration in mind and teaches the fundamental prerequisites for learning to read and write.

Multiple languages

Research has shown that learning a second language can be an asset for any student. Madam Word is offered in 3 languages, English, Spanish and French, with more coming, at no extra cost. Our game-lessons will accelerate learning of a second language as well as English.

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Madam Word is a versatile teaching tool.

In class

Madam Word will keep your students focused on our game-lessons. Madam Word enables you to spend more time with students in need while the class remains engaged in learning.

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In therapy

Madam Word offers you unique possibilities for intervention. With activities related to phonemic segmentation, syllabic fusion or correspondences between phonemes and graphemes, you will effectively work on phonological and orthographic processes.

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At home

Your kids will learn in a fun and engaging way with Madam Word. Madam Word will keep your kids focused on the game-lessons while absorbing the fundamentals of writing and reading.

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Our clients are teachers, therapists and parents just like you who sought to improve learning outcomes for their children, students and patients. Read below how Madam Word has improved their experience!
Une maman qui regarde une tablette avec ses deux filles.
A mother looking at a tablet with her two daughters.

"At last! I no longer feel guilty about leaving the tablet with the kids after school. And I see their progress in reading and writing. Thank you Madam Word!"

-Josie, mother of two elementary schoolers

Une enseignante et deux jeunes enfants regardent une tablette.
A teacher and two young children looking at a tablet.

"With its intuitive interface and endearing characters, Ms. Mo brings together the pedagogical elements that contribute to the development of phonological awareness in apprentice readers"

-Maxim LaFlamme, Connected School

Un monsieur souriant et une jeune enfant regardent une tablette. 
A smiling man and a young lady looking at a tablet.

"I use Madam Word almost every day for my work in the speech therapy clinic."

-Francis T., PhD, SLP in private practice

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