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Is the demo version limited?

The free demo lets you try out the first level of all in-game activities, while the subscription gives you access to all of the content.

How do I install the applications?

For families as well as for educational institutions, you will find our apps on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Microsoft Store. We also offer you the possibility to download an installer from the games pages.

Does it work on Chromebooks?

Our apps only work on Chromebooks that have access to the Play Store. The list of compatible devices is here.

We're using a MDM. How do I proceed?

If you manage a school or school board's devices through a MDM, you can install the free version of our apps. Payments and licensing is done through our portal directly. You also have the possibility to install our applications from their installers.

Can I play on all my devices?

If you subscribe through our site, you will be able to play on all your devices by using your Appligogiques account. Otherwise, you will only have access to the platform on which you made the purchase.

What is a profile?

A profile is the history of a child's progress in our apps. In the context of an educational institution, the profile allows the student to play at home and at school, and the teacher to follow his progress via the teacher support portal.

Do you offer discounts on big orders?

If you intend to purchase 1000 subscriptions per year or more, contact us directly at

Do you offer technical assistance?

If you encounter technical problems, contact us at

How do I unsubscribe?

If you subscribe through our site, you can turn off automatic renewal at any time from your Appligogiques account. If you subscribe through a third-party platform like Google Play or the App Store, this is where you need to go to unsubscribe.

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