With Madam Word and her friends, kids have fun while they learn to read and spell.

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With Madam Word and her friends, kids have fun while they learn to read and spell.


Madam Word helps reduce and even prevent language learning difficulties for children ages 6 to 10. See how!

Madam Word understands kids.

Incorporating the latest research on learning to read, this app helps children gain the skills they need to learn to read and spell words, i.e. phonological awareness and lexical orthography. Madam Word can also serve as a re-education tool for children with reading and spelling difficulties.

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Visit Madam Word’s city, where 7 word games await you!

Jen and Jim

This game involves reconstructing the word that was erased when the mailman dropped the letters in a puddle. The letters are intended for either Jen or Jim.

Whose Card Is This?

In this game, children must associate each card with a Word baby based on the position of the sound in the corresponding syllable.

Rhyme Time!

To help each young Word find their way, the child must select the image of the word that rhymes with the young Word’s name. This game teaches children to recognize rhymes.

Mr. Mixup

In this game, children must select the card that matches the word said backwards.

Word Dive

Each young Word is wearing a letter corresponding to a sound. The child has to select the young Words in the order in which they’re called, i.e. the order of the sounds. If the child gives the right answer, the young Words do their dive.

Madam Word's Library

In this game, children must distinguish the letters b and d in the words illustrated in Madam Word’s books.

Word Pond

By cleaning the pond in an image pairing game, the child learns to handle visually similar graphemes and aurally similar phonemes.

Découvrez la ville de Madame Mo et voyez précisément les contenus et activités qui développent la conscience phonologique et la mémoire lexicale.

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