Family subcription plan

Offer your children a playful learning experience and develop the skills they need with activities they love.

Une maman qui regarde une tablette avec ses deux filles.
A mother looking at a tablet with her two daughters.

Key Benefits of the Family Plan

Discover the advantages for your family or as an individual language therapy expert.

K-6 Language Learning Experience

Comprehensive learning solution, covering various subjects and skill levels, grades K-6.

Expert-Designed Educational Content

High-quality, research-based educational content developed by experts to support children's learning journey.

Like having a speech therapist at your fingertips

Learning approaches inspired by speech therapy and supported by evidence-based results.

Fun and Engaging Learning Games

Interactive games that create an immersive, enjoyable, and effective learning experience for children.

Subscription Features

Enjoy our all-inclusive package for your family

Use the games on all your devices
Create as many child profiles as you want
Save your progress in our cloud
Use the games in your preferred language: French, English, Spanish

Learning begins with Madam Word and continues with Words Without Worries.

Explore our plans for educational institutions

Discover our comprehensive tools for teachers, education professionals, schools, and districts.

Multi-user licenses

Customized learning paths

Classroom management tools

Advanced Features

  • Follow Progress
  • Manage Profiles
  • Create Assignments

Available Everywhere

  • Windows And Mac OS
  • IOS And Android
  • WebGL

Tri-Lingual Products

  • En Français
  • In English
  • En Español

Quality Software

  • Safe And Reliable
  • Tested And Optimized
  • Fun And Educational

Frequent questions for families

How do I subscribe to your educational apps?

How do I cancel or modify my subscription?

Are your educational apps aligned with national or regional curriculum standards?

Can I connect with other homeschooling families using your apps to share ideas and experiences?

Can I customize the learning experience to suit my child's individual needs and interests?

Are there any resources or guides available to help me integrate the apps into our homeschooling routine?

How can I track my child's progress and performance within the apps?