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Designed to help accelerate language development or overcome learning disabilities, for all types of learners

Help children master the essential language skills.

Our engaging educational tools are designed to develop them thoroughly

Sounds and Letters

Master the basic elements of written language


Building strong word reading skills for life


Learn to spell well with clever games


Develop memory to easily manipulate words


Enrich vocabulary for better expression

Language, the foundation of knowledge: help them build a solid future.

Helping children master language brings them benefits for life.


Improves chances of success, health, and well-being


Increases problem-solving ability and academic achievement


Enhances mental flexibility, selective attention, and concentration


Accelerates learning in all other subjects

Un monsieur souriant et une jeune enfant regardent une tablette. 
A smiling man and a young lady looking at a tablet.

To try out the game demos or use the ÉQOL tool

Une maman qui regarde une tablette avec ses deux filles.
A mother looking at a tablet with her two daughters.

For family use or individual practice

For educational institutions of all sizes

At home

Games designed to help children learn at their own pace

  • Interest is maintained through collectible badges and trophies.
  • The games are designed to naturally advance children.
  • The interactive activities are stimulating and enriching.

At school

Tools designed for educational institutions of all sizes

  • Simple and quick management of user communities
  • Easy subscriptions to purchase and distribute to students
  • Clear and complete reports on game usage

In speech therapy and special education

A pedagogical progression designed by Brigitte Stanké, Ph.D. and speech therapist

  • Target specific needs through activities based on proven results.
  • Support interventions with science-based speech therapy techniques.
  • Achieve convincing results for all types of learners.

To learn a second language

Trilingual games in French, English, and Spanish

  • Strengthen children's curiosity and natural talent for other languages.
  • Help your students or children learn a second language.
  • Overcome learning difficulties through fun!