We create video games to overcome learning disabilities

and accelerate language developpement.

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Kindergarten to Third Grade
Build foundational phonemic awareness skills essential for reading and language development.
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Third Grade to Sixth Grade
Establish lexical spelling and memory skills critical for successful reading and writing.
advanced features
  • follow progress

  • manage profiles

  • create assignments

available everywhere
  • Windows and Mac OS

  • iOS and Android

  • WebGL

tri-lingual products
  • en français

  • in English

  • en español

quality software
  • safe and reliable

  • tested and optimized

  • fun and educational

Teaching Support Portal

A system designed to serve organizations of all sizes

The Appligogiques portal allows you to deploy our applications efficiently in educational institutions of all sizes.

• Simple management of members and administrators

• Easy to purchase and distribute subscriptions

• Clear and comprehensive usage reports

Devices presenting Appligogiques games.

Courses designed by education experts

A structured pedagogical progression by Brigitte Stanké, Ph.D.

Each activity is designed by a speech-language pathology expert to promote language development in all children.

• Speech therapy techniques supported by science

• Logical step-by-step learning pathways

• Carefully selected activities, exercises, and word lists

Devices presenting Appligogiques games.

Reports and measurement tools

Powerful tools to follow the progress of each student step by step

The portal's progress tables allow you to measure the evolution of your group of students by quickly identifying the difficulties, strengths and weaknesses of each.

• Real-time monitoring of learners' progress

• Quantitative data for targeted feedback

• Clear and intuitive consultation interface

Devices presenting Appligogiques games.

Stimulating and fun activities

Games that enhance children's natural curiosity

Inspired by the error-free learning method, Appligogiques games are designed to help children progress naturally.

• a multitude of badges and trophies to collect

• stimulating and fun edutainment activities

• polished graphics and endearing characters

Devices presenting Appligogiques games.
"Everything Appligogiques does is quality. You can tell they've studied the needs of today's educators, because they've designed smart tools that students love and teachers find really useful."
Jacques P., elementary school principal