Our games help children develop literacy early.

Because learning to read with confidence, spell correctly and understand written language is the foundation of knowledge.

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Kindergarten to Third Grade

Build foundational phonemic awareness skills essential for reading and language development.
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Third Grade to Sixth Grade

Establish lexical spelling and memory skills critical for successful reading and writing.

learning that feels like play

Appligogiques games set children up for literary success.

adaptive education

Our games comfortably meet young readers where they’re at in their reading journey, so they learn naturally at their own pace.

designed by experts

Methodically developed by Dr Brigitte Stanké, SLP, to incorporate proven strategies and science-backed techniques data shows helps improve reading and language development in children.

progress tracker

Keep track of user progress to celebrate the wins, spot areas for improvement, and zero in on learning patterns.

productive screen time

Valuable phone or tablet time that keeps kids engaged while building lifelong foundational literacy skills .

A reading system that lets children develop at their own pace

Whether that means jumping ahead or spending extra time on specific areas - young readers learn at a pace that feels comfortable, secure, and on-target for them.

‚óŹ Better long-term success with a learning path customized for each child.

‚óŹ Kids feel less resistance and increased natural curiosity to developd complicated reading skills.

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Expertly structured to teach kids to read, step-by-step.

Get access to the same A to Z path of proven language development techniques that speech experts use in daily practice. To establish foundational reading skills now, that will be compounded on later.

‚óŹ A guided step-by-step journey that starts with the basics of reading on a micro level and continuously builds.

‚óŹ Curriculum designed by experts in early childhood language development, so kids get the same type of research-backed support a private SLP would provide.

Devices presenting Appligogiques games.

Long Term goal setting and assessments

Keep track of where little readers are in the game so they can pick up right where they left off. And build a flexible learning path that fits in with their needs, development, and learning style.

‚óŹ Monitor and chart learning progress to easily identify areas of success and opportunities for continued support.

‚óŹ Collect quantitative data with one child or many. So you can collaborate with parents, caregivers, and development professionals to create custom paths of success for early readers.

Devices presenting Appligogiques games.

advanced features

  • follow progress

  • manage profiles

  • create assignments

available everywhere

  • Windows and Mac OS

  • iOS and Android

  • WebGL

tri-lingual products

  • en fran√ßais

  • in English

  • pronto en espa√Īol!

quality software

  • safe and reliable

  • tested and optimized

  • fun and educational

"Everything Appligogiques does is quality. You can tell they've studied the needs of today's educators, because they've designed smart tools that students love and teachers find really useful."
Jacques P., elementary school principal