Appligogiques FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Appligogiques, our language learning games, subscription plans, and more. Get the information you need.

General Questions

I don't remember my password. What should I do?

The app has no sound ?

Subscriptions and Billing

How do I subscribe to your educational apps?

What is the difference between individual and institutional subscriptions?

How do I cancel or modify my subscription?

Can I access the games on multiple devices with a single subscription?

How do educational institutions purchase and distribute subscription tokens?

Can I switch between monthly and yearly subscriptions, or vice versa?

I have a PO number, what should I do with it?

Where are my invoices with tax numbers?

Educational Content

Are your apps available in different languages?

Are your educational apps suitable for children with special needs or learning difficulties?

How often are new games and content added to the apps?

Technical and IT

What kind of technical support do you offer for any issues with the apps or subscriptions?

For Families

Are your educational apps aligned with national or regional curriculum standards?

Are there any resources or guides available to help me integrate the apps into our homeschooling routine?

Can I connect with other homeschooling families using your apps to share ideas and experiences?

Can I customize the learning experience to suit my child's individual needs and interests?

How can I track my child's progress and performance within the apps?

For Teachers

Can your educational apps be easily integrated into a classroom setting and lesson plans?

How do your apps support differentiated instruction for students with varying learning needs and abilities?

Are there any teacher-specific features, such as a dashboard for managing student accounts and monitoring progress?

Can your apps be used collaboratively in group activities or projects within the classroom?

Do you offer any professional development resources or support for educators using your apps in their teaching practice?

For Speech Therapists

Do your apps incorporate evidence-based teaching methods and strategies commonly used in remedial education and speech therapy?

Are there any resources or guidelines available for effectively using your apps in conjunction with other therapeutic interventions and techniques?

How do your educational apps address specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, or language processing disorders?

Are there any built-in progress tracking and reporting features that can help inform the ongoing assessment and intervention strategies for students?

Can the activities within the apps be customized to target individual student needs and goals in their remedial or speech therapy sessions?