Frequently Asked Questions

If it's not there, let us know.
It doesn't work, what to do?

Are you sure you have the latest app version?. If it's already installed, please update it and try again.

Where are the games?

You'll find our applications on the Google Play, Apple Appstore or Microsoft Store platforms.

You can also access the games directly on the web if your browser supports WebGL.

Finally, you can also download an installer from our games download page.

Does it work on Chromebook?

It's possible to access the games directly on a Chromebook's browser. Our applications can also be installed from Google Play on Chromebooks that have access to the Play Store

Can I try the games for free?

For families and individuals, the demo version of the games does not require payment or an Appligogiques account. To start a free trial for an aducation institution such as a school or school board, it's right this way

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you purchased your subscription in app you can cancel it on the platform where you made your purchase (Microsoft, Google or Apple). Otherwise, go to the, Subscriptions menu, and click on the three dots to the right of the subscription box to select the option to terminate it.


What are the subscription periods?

The institutional plan also offers tokens valid for 3 months at 8$, and tokens valid for 6 months at 10$. The family plan is offered on a monthly or yearly basis.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all payment methods offered by Stripe, including most credit cards. Educational institutions such as School Boards or Schools can pay by credit card, check or bank transfer.

Can I use the apps on all my devices?

If you subscribe directly through our site, you will be able to play on all your devices using your Appligogiques account. Otherwise, you will only have access to the platform where the purchase was made.

How are purchases made for schools and school boards?

Everything is in place to make it easy for schools and school boards to purchase and deploy our applications. Visit our portal to start the process