Games to help children aged 5-12 overcome language learning difficulties through fun.

From early school to home, facilitate language development with tools designed by speech-language pathologists for families and education professionals.

Une enseignante et deux jeunes enfants regardent une tablette.
A teacher and two young children looking at a tablet.

Develop the foundational language skills with our fun, educational tools.

1. Phonological awareness

This is the essential skill of identifying and manipulating word sounds effectively.

2. Alphabetic Principle

Knowing the correspondences between sounds and letters is necessary for learning to read and write.

3. Lexical Spelling

Mastering the spelling of words allows you to read them quickly and write them efficiently.

Instructive and quality screen time

Every second spent playing Appligogiques games is productive and educational.

Quick measurable progress

We offer all the necessary tools to track learners' progress in real-time.

Science-based education

Our curriculum guides children through every stage of their language learning.

Relevant materials for all students

Our games adapt to the child's level to allow them to progress at their own pace.

Un monsieur souriant et une jeune enfant regardent une tablette. 
A smiling man and a young lady looking at a tablet.

To try out the game demos or use the ÉQOL tool

Une maman qui regarde une tablette avec ses deux filles.
A mother looking at a tablet with her two daughters.

For family use or individual practice

For educational institutions of all sizes

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We use Madam Word in class from the beginning of the year, in large group animation on the interactive whiteboard, and then in workshops to work on phonological awareness. Then we use the app all year round to help our struggling students. This is a motivating way to learn. The games offered are fun, varied, and educational. Thank you for this amazing app !

Marie-Christine Sauvé
Teacher at École Pierre-de-Coubertin, Montreal
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Appligogiques is a company with high professional standards, eager to provide the education sector with attractive technological tools that allow children to learn while having fun. These well-supported programs become an important and fundamental aid for parents, teachers, and therapists in the process of educating children.

Maria Fernanda Ramos
Speech therapist at the University of Bogota, Colombia