Games that help children learn to read and spell

Designed by speech-language pathologists for families and education professionals, our tools facilitate language development at school and at home.

3 tablets showing Appligogiques games.

Our apps develop essential language skills.

Phonological awareness

The essential ability to identify and manipulate the sounds of words effectively.

Alphabetic principle

Knowing the correspondences between sounds and letters is necessary to learn to read and write.

Lexical spelling

Mastering the spelling of words allows you to read them quickly and write them efficiently.

Our applications are based on the latest educational research to meet the needs of children at the critical age of K-6.

Play makes learning more effective and enjoyable for everyone!

for teachers

relevant materials for all students

Our games are adapted to the child's level and allow progress at any pace.

for students

teaching supported by research

Our course guides children through each stage of their learning.

for speech-language pathologists

rapid measurable progress

We offer all the necessary tools to follow the evolution of the learners.

for families

instructive and quality screen time

Every second spent in front of our games is productive and educational.

Encouraging children to learn other languages gives them an asset for life.

Research shows that knowing more than one language gives children an advantage in terms of cognitive and executive functions.

It improves mental flexibility, selective attention, concentration, problem-solving skills and overall academic performance.

It also makes it easier to connect with others and the world.

That's why our products have been carefully adapted into French, English and Spanish by our international team of teachers and speech experts.

You can use our products in the language of your choice!