Appligogiques helps children learn to read and spell.

Pedagogical tools by teaching experts to help children ages 5 to 10 succeed in reading and writing

3 tablets showing Appligogiques games.

for education professionals

Expert teaching tools to improve outcomes in reading and writing, from kindergarten through elementary
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Literacy is a transferable skill.

You want to work with your students in their native language, or maximize their success in their second language?

Select the language of intervention of your choice - our applications are in French, English and Spanish.

De jeunes enfants à l'ordinateur, à la bibliothèque.

Learning is best done through play!

Kids love our games because they meet their high expectations for educational software.

Teachers and families trust their pedagogical depth and proven results.

That makes the complex task of learning a language much more fun, more independent, and most importantly, better structured.

Solidify the 3 pillars of language!

phonological and phonemic awareness
lexical spelling memory
visual attention capacity