Appligogiques helps children learn to read and spell.

We create pedagogical tools that help students from Kindergarten to Sixth Grade develop language and literacy.

3 tablets showing Appligogiques games.

Do you want to try our products in a school or a school board?

Our pedagogical games serve teachers, speech language pathologists and education specialists in elementary schools across Canada.

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created by education experts

To facilitate learning, our games develop lexical memory and phonological awareness.

Appligogiques' apps are built upon the research of Brigitte Stanké, Ph.D., Speech Language Pathologist.

I use Words Without Worries in class everyday for speech therapy work. It helps me target specific needs.

M.C. Gomez, CSS de Montréal

efficient tools both at home and in school

Follow your students' progress via our teacher support portal.

We offer pedagogical games that are efficient with classes large and small, in teaching institutions of all sizes.

My First Grade FSL class is built upon Madam Word!

Annie V., Notre-Dame-du-Canada

literacy is a transferable skill

Our products are in French and English to push children further in their language development.

To get ahead, consolidate learning or work on difficulties, our tools offer the depth you need to help all students.

Words Without Worries saved my evening yesterday, and my sons' week.

Stefan, dad of 2 boys