Develops essential reading and spelling skills in children from Kindergarten to second grade.

A nice lady shows a tablet with Madam Word to a young girl.
Tablets showing the Madam Word game.

A step-by-step path to develop phonemic awareness while having fun

Designed by speech therapy experts, Madam Word's educational games help children acquire the building blocks of literacy.

What's the Word?

Madam Word is a fun tool to develop the essential skills children need to learn to read and spell effectively.

Representation of phonological awareness

Sounds and Letters

Master the basic elements of written language

Representation of decoding and phonics


Building strong word reading skills for life

Representation of lexical memory


Learn to spell well with clever games

Representation of lexical memory


Develop memory to easily manipulate words

Representation of lexical memory


Enrich vocabulary for better expression

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families and speech-language pathologists

The best plan for :

- Families with children ages K - 2
- Specialized teachers working with one child
- Speech therapists in private practice
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schools and school boards

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- Create activities for all your students
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Madam Word offers 7 carefully designed activities to increase reading and writing skills.

The Neighbors

Develops the ability to differentiate long and short vowels in words

How will Mailman Word be able to tell the difference between postcards for each neighbor? He needs your help!

Whose Card is This?

Develops the ability to identify phonemes in the syllables of words

Get the baby Word a bus card that matches the sound you hear in the word. Hurry, the bus is coming!

Rhyme Time!

Exercises the ability to detect rhymes in words

Help the little Words get home by pointing out the streets that rhyme with their names!

Mr. Mixup

Improves syllabic segmentation capacity and working memory

Help Mr. Mixup tidy up his house by giving him back the objects whose names you hear backwards!

Word Dive

Develops phonemic segmentation skills

Accompany the little Words to the diving board when their name is called to reconstruct the word you heard.

Madam Word's Library

Improves the ability to distinguish between the letters b and d

Madam Word works at the library. She has a lot of books to put away and needs your help!

Word Pond

Develops the ability to process phonemes and graphemes

It's a hot day. Help the little Mo's clean up the pond so they can take a swim by identifying the sounds and letters in the words.