Madam Word improves reading and writing skills in English, French and Spanish, from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade.

Madam Word

Madam Word offers 7 well-designed activities to awaken and develop phonological awareness.

Madam Word is an educational game created by Brigitte Stanké to develop phonological awareness and promote language learning in children from kindergarten to elementary school.

The Building Blocks to successful reading & literacy

Your brain craves phonetic instruction because it relies on patterns to store and recall the complicated work of reading and comprehension. Without the ability to combine & connect the sounds and letters of a word, our brains have difficulty decoding their meanings. And without that crucial skill, children’s reading may be delayed.

Meet Madam Word and her friends. Explore her neighborhood in 7 easy to understand and exciting to play mission-driven mini games. That focus on phonemic awareness & processing, working & visual memory, and fusion & syllable recognition and segmentation.

At last! I no longer feel guilty about leaving the tablet with the kids after school. And I see their progress in reading and writing. Thank you Madam Word!
-Josie, mother of 2 young girls
With its intuitive interface and endearing characters, Madam Word brings together the pedagogical elements that contribute to the development of phonological awareness in apprentice readers
-Max LaFlamme, Connected School
I use Madam Word almost every day for my work in a private speech therapy clinic
-Connie B., operator of a private SLP clinic