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A game to overcome the difficulties of spelling in French and English!

Words Without Worries offers 5 challenges that establish critical skills for successful reading and writing.


Poseidon's Challenge: The Hidden Words

Poseidon flanked by a hidden word letter grid.

Find all the words from the list hidden in the letter grid.

Words can be read from left to right or up to down.

When a word is found, it disappears from the list.

Demeter's Challenge: The Labyrinth

Demeters' cave.

Get out of the maze by putting together each of the words that appear at the bottom of the screen.

To progress, locate each letter of the word among those that appear on three doors.

If a wrong letter is selected... you have to retry the word.

Hades' Challenge: The Sudoword

Hades, flanked by a Sudoword grid.

Find the missing letters in a grid, just like in a sudoku game.

To fill an empty box, select the letter at the bottom of the screen and place it in the box.

Complete the grid to succeed!

Artemis' Challenge: The Flying Leaves

Artemis, with flying leaves falling from the trees.

Select in order each letter of the word you are exposed to briefly.

The letters appear on the leaves falling from the trees.

You must spell the words without error to overcome the challenge!

Zeus' Challenge: The Fireballs

Zeus sitting on his throne with 4 candelabras surrounding him.

Catch the right letters of the word that is shown to you briefly.

The letters appear on the fireballs that are heading towards you.

Be careful, you must only touch the right letters!